Monday, April 16, 2012

On Excellence

(In the garden of a Buddhist temple in Singapore, May 2011)

Excellence is a common theme in many spiritualities and religions. It is the intention to strive to do your best in every act you do.

I recently went to two theatre productions here in London, The Lion King and the Shen Yun Chinese folk dance performance. Both of them completely breathtaking and absolutely brilliant. And they got me thinking about the amount of effort and sheer excellence that artists put into their work. This happens every time I attend any sort of artistic performance. Spoken word, folk dances, story telling circles, it's always just pure creative energy. Rehearsed and practiced for hours on end attempting to reach human perfection, attempting to reach something deep within each of us.

What if we made a decision today that every action in our lives would be taken with purpose, every action will strive for excellence. This is not a call for an obsession with perfection. It is a call to try harder. To make every action an excellent performance. What if we woke up every day and decided today would be our best performance yet?

If that doesn't change the world, I don't know what can.

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