Sunday, April 29, 2012


I was thinking about you
Thinking about me
Thinking about us
What we’re gonna be
Open my eyes
It was only just a dream

Traveled back
Down that road
Will you come back
No one knows
I realized
It was only just a dream

(Nelly - Just a Dream)


Samar said...

it was a path.. for a journey to come... digging deeper to meet further down...

someone like you.. isn't you...
someone like you...

no.. someone unlike you is hard to think..
though... someone unlike you is really who i want..

someone for me..
someone by me..
someone with me.. is who i am looking for..

that's not you

bintbattuta said...

It seems that the reasons we leave are often stronger than the reasons we stay, and we should learn from that. Leaving is a reflection of the situation and the people involved.. someone like you.. isn't you... indeed.

thank you for sharing that :)