Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Holding hands

A little old couple
Holding hands
Walking down the street
Making plans

And while they walked so slow
And held up the alleyway
No one seemed to mind
Watching them
Stole my mind
Caught my breath
Held my eyes

They took a walk today
To their old streets
Sat in the park in the square
Where they used to meet

She whispered a story
Of once upon a time

We sat near the cool pool
At the foot of that sand dune
You lay your head on my lap
And we watched the clouds float past

Do you remember that my love?

And so they sat in the park
My little old couple
He lay his head on her lap
And as they watched the clouds float past
All that needed to be said
Was spoken in just
One moment
One lifetime
Of silence.

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