Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tunisia: Things I could get used to

Having gateau, or something sweet, first thing in the morning.

Lack of people (population of 12 million vs pop of 90 million in Egypt. Yah.).

How informative taxi drivers are.

The Tunisian-Arabic-mixed-with-French accent.


cherry said...

hahaha!! Yeah taxi drivers make perfect tour guides!! They make the rides so entertaining! I am really glad you enjoyed Tunis!!

worldcurioustraveler said...

Oh, I would love that too! Is the food divine? I went to a Tunisian dinner party once and I remember the most wonderful savory dishes...

bintbattuta said...

cherry, they can sometimes be the best tour guides ever :)

mary, oh the food. im going to be dedicating a whole post when i get back just on moroccan/tunisian food, so heavenly :)