Monday, October 4, 2010

Day 90: Really?

October 4

(Embedding is disabled. Song is: Ever the same by Rob Thomas)

This song has been a long-standing favorite of mine thanks to a good friend sending it to me way back in the day. Haven't heard it in a while, but listening to it now makes me think: can someone really stay the same over a long period of time?

fall on me
tell me everything you want me to be
forever with you
forever in me
ever the same

Is it not an integral part of human nature to continuously change and move forward? What if we remained completely static, unchanging in our behaviours, standards, and more importantly, our ideas? Does change make us hypocrites or innovators? What is it about personal change that very often terrifies us?

when you call on me
ill be there for you and you'll be there for me
forever its you
forever in me
ever the same

Personal Identity is a concept that runs amok in my brain. I believe in a flexible identity that learns and moves forward. But remains true to what it believes is essential in this life. Some disagree. I ask them to have courage to understand themselves and not be so self-denying and critical. They might learn lessons they never thought possible. Change does not have to be for the worse; change is very often the catalyst needed to push us forward to greater things.

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