Friday, August 20, 2010

Today I Learned...

That it is much easier to stop dreaming than it is to make those dreams a reality. And I'm not one for taking the easy way out.

That the concept of travel writing/journalism is so very foreign in Egypt. Let alone the concept of traveling the world. What is it about exploring different things, different people, different cultures, different ways of thinking, that totally throws people off here?

That when confronted with a very scary looking beast of a spider, you should repeat the following statement to yourself: IT is more scared of ME than I am of IT. Repeat. Take a deep breath. Wake up dad to kill it.


Somaiah said...

omg Suzy! This post totally resonated with me...its soo many Egyptians just don't get the concept of travel and the idea of difference scares them, they are so proud of their country and culture..they miss out on learning about others...Obviously we're stereotyping but its amazing how many people share similar thoughts!

ALSO re: your spider...I had KILLER one on ME one day a few months ago, and I totally had a spaz attack, I must send you the picture...because when we found it it was a beast, to trump and eat all other spiders..

FInally I love your blog..Keep it coming :)

Reham said...

your blog is amazing. i don't think i've laughed and smiled so much. i cried at some posts as well. you're so well spoken and brave and incredibly AWESOME! keep them coming.
sending lots of love your way,

Hanan said...

did u really wake up dad!!!!!!! da enti moftareyya efteraaaa