Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day 54: Kilinix

August 29

Tissues. Or as Egyptians like to call them: kilinix. See a resemblance to a certain brand name?
Thankfully, the sickness is starting to recede.

Tips on what to do when sickness hits while traveling:
- Rest. You will get better sooner. Take a couple of easy days and just do some relaxing activities. Don't kill your whole itinerary, but pick some of the less demanding things to do.
- Stay away from crowded areas. Your immune system is already shot, don't kill it by catching something else.
- Always carry your own medication with you when you travel. In addition to prescribtion meds, this includes painkillers and medication for the flu. Taking medication that you're unfamiliar with can lead to problems. You also don't want to be spending precious time and money looking for a pharmacy and buying medication that may or may not work.
- If things get worse or persist for too long, make sure to visit a proper doctor or hospital.
- Rest. Just in case you thought to ignore it the first time I said it.

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