Tuesday, May 21, 2013


I tried to write 24 things Ive learned in 24 years, but I wrote 34 instead. Perhaps one of them shouldve been: stop blabbering :)

1. Dads give great life advice. Just give them a chance.

2. It is never too late to learn something new. Never ever.

3. You will not learn philosophy or culture or language or anthropology or history or most things about humans from a book. You must go and see for yourself and talk to people and experience.

4. Look within and you will see the world.

5. Travel is still the best way to learn about the world. Travel is still the best way to learn about yourself.

6. Find God. Ask it lots of questions. Talk to it. Develop a relationship. Then, like any relationship, decide if it’s The One.

7. Even if I ever get used to the whole waking up early thing, I will never be a morning person. I will learn to deal with things that never change because, who am I kidding, waking up is torture.

8. Do not take people for granted. You do not own them and this will be one of the fastest ways to lose them.

9. Lies are not worth it. Tell the truth even if it is against yourself. This will make you wiser and stronger in the long run. Gossip is not worth it either.

10. Only do work that you are willing to do unpaid, but will do it paid because you have to pay the bills. Money does not make the world go around. Sorry to burst your bubble.

11. Volunteer. Give what you can. The world is very small and we humans need each other.

12. Give love graciously; receive love humbly.

13. Know your own worth and don’t put up with anyone who treats you any less.

14. Tell people how much you love them, every single day.

15. Dance.

16. You only get one mom. Make the most of that relationship.

17. Don’t change others. People show love, care, appreciation, humanity, and compassion, all in their own different ways. This is what makes us unique. Don’t change others.

18. Read as much as you can to remember how small you are. Stories are important.

19. Talk to yourself as much as you can to remember how much you can accomplish.

20. Balance in all.

21. Take care of your mental and physical health. At the end of the day, this is what will get you through everything.

22. Love is a force that is entirely separate from us. It operates on its own agenda. Don’t try to control it.

23. Let things go. Less expectations = less disappointments = more pleasant surprises.

24. Find your purpose. Work hard. Fight. Show the world what you’re made of and how much passion can be contained inside one soul. Make the world a better place.

25. Dream of the future but focus on the present. Planning is often futile but not even entertaining thoughts about the future is worse.

26. Do not be afraid of this world. Take it all in and realize just how beautiful it can be.

27. Don’t let overused clichés determine any kind of relationship you have with someone. See the uniqueness of every situation.

28. The world continues spinning and stops for no one and nothing. If you need a break, don’t think that the world will pause for you. Take a break anyways.

29. Smile through the good times and smile through the bad times.

30. Some people will never appreciate your presence in their lives, not because you are not worthy, but because they never learned to show appreciation. Try to teach them but try not to get too hung up on them.

31. Your restlessness is not negative energy. It will point you in the direction of what you want the most. Use your restlessness positively.

32. If you operate on the idea that you don’t owe the world anything, then don’t expect anything from the world either.

33. The journey is more rewarding than any destination ever could be.

34. It is more difficult to treat everyone equally with love and compassion than treat them based on how they deserve to be treated. Treat them better.


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