Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Coffee and ash
Pillow talk me into
Oblivion, and

Let me lay my head
On your heart
And beat
Let me hear your heart
Let me hear it beat for me

What if
I never
Forget you?

Shaky hands
And shaky legs
Yet smoke
Still fills her nights

Sit with me
Let's have a cup of tea
Tell me your story
And Ill tell you about

Let me tell all of our stories
And all the things we never said
Let me be your star
On a cloudy night
And you'll be the moon
That guides me back
Let me count the freckles
Across your back
Let me find in you
My treasure map
Let me love that love
You've spoiled me with
Let me come back home to

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Oh, good to see you are still posting some times. I check back every so often to see... love the poem, by the way... especially the freckles across the back.