Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Still in Cairo

So, I should be flying from Kenya to Tanzania today. But I'm here in Cairo. I decided to cancel the East Africa leg of my trip to hang out in Egypt and help out with some development projects. The main one I'm helping out with is Carnaval El Mahrousa, a huge carnival and parade at the pyramids entrance to boost the tourism industry. The event will be held all day on April 15th of this year. As everyone must know by now, Egypt has gone through some major political, social, and economic upheavals. While there are still some minor creases being straightened out, tourists have already started to re-flood the country, as is normal for any month of the year in Egypt!

I will be posting more details on the event as we approach it.

So why did I participate in protests and demonstrations in a country I've barely ever lived in? Because I would've done the same if these kind of protests had happened in any other country. The fight for justice and freedom knows no nationality, religion, or race. It's as simple as that. Humanity comes above everything - when did we forget that?

I think it's of the utmost importance to give something back to the places I'm exploring. Let this be a year of growth.