Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I'm a Little Upset.

Indeed. I've had to cancel 5 countries off my list of places to go this year. My year of exploring Africa and the Middle East came to a halting stop when the march for freedom began. Worth it? Definitely.

Still a little upset though, not gonna lie. I've had to cancel:

I would love to go to these places now, with all this turmoil. Experiencing the protests in Cairo was amazing. But to truly experience the cultures of these areas, I think it wouldn't be fair to visit during this time.

So what am I doing?? I'm hanging out in Egypt. Trying to understand this culture that has always confused and amazed me, and visiting some different areas of Egypt. I'll be heading out early May to somewhere far far away and hopefully not politically unstable, at which point this blog will become much more interesting once again :)



Sarra said...

YAY so its set for May?

bintbattuta said...

loool sarra, not what ure thinking :p