Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Days 102 - 114: Morocco

October 16 - 28
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At the Hassan II mosque - the third largest mosque in the world after the Grand Mosque in Mecca and the Prophet's mosque in Medina (both in Saudi Arabia). Postcard-much?

View from the inside.

The name of the road where my hotel/hostel was located. Gotta chose wisely ;)

Rabat (capital city)

View of the Atlantic Ocean from a terrace in the Old Medina.

At the Jardins Exotiques, a huge landscape of interesting looking flowers and gardens just outside of Sale (a city right next to Rabat).


Zellig details inside a small mosque. Can't really remember the name...
(It says: Alizato Lelah - Glory be to God)


Inside one of the most peaceful places on Earth: Kairouan Mosque. Also reportedly the first university in the world. Close your eyes, feel the breeze, listen to the fountains, take in the sunshine, make a prayer.

At the infamous leather tanneries. Pretty smelly place to be honest.

Moroccan henna session!

At Clock Cafe, one of the best places I visited, just inside Bab Jeloum in Fez Medina.

Fassi Master calligrapher Mohammad Charkaoui writes my name in my favorite style during my one on one calligraphy class at Clock Cafe.

My first plate of Moroccan couscous with my friend Ab. Two adults couldn't finish this plate.


It's not called Red Marrakesh for no reason! Another favorite door.

Fresh home made bread daily? Yes please! Perks of staying with a family and not in a hotel.

At the beautiful (but small) Jardin Majorelle, dedicated to Marakkech by Yves St Laurent.

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