Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The other day...

I'm watching the security man at McDonalds and wondering what sort of future he used to dream for himself. Is he an accountant? Did he go to university? Did he ever finish high school? Has he ever eaten McDonalds? He's so polite.
He came and removed the dirty tray off my table. He spoke quietly. He was polite. He was kind. I wonder what kind of future he imagines for his children. I wonder if he had to buy these jeans just for this job and whether he would've rather spent that money on his daughter's new school uniform so she wouldn't have to wear the one that's too worn out from last year. 
I wonder about his daughter. What type of life does she lead? Did she go to school? 

Conversations I want to have.

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customer_xp_bh said...

delighted to read about your observation.

I always wonder in the same vein about the cleaning/security staff at airports, hospitals, food courts, supermarkets, theaters etc, have they ever watched a movie, have they ever taken a flight or got treated as a patient or bought expensive food etc?
may be they have a story to tell, but are we free and human enough to stop and listen?...i doubt!, or probably we never really wanted to.

i am certain money can never replace the agony of these keep these mute spectators going, least we should do is to encourage tipping these folks, who look after the worst of all of us have to offer, be it our attitude, our ignorance or our sympathies.