Monday, September 27, 2010

Days 64 - 84: A Summary

September 8 - 28

Here is a summary of what's been going on. (Click on the pics for a larger version.)

Mosque Chandelier, Cairo.
(The big blue and white mosque in front of City Stars Mall)

Thank God for Second Cup. Go Canada!
City Stars Mall, Cairo.

Eid Cookies/Biscuits. Can't have Eid without them!

Islamic Cairo once again

An alleyway off of Mouizz Street.

Shadows play inside Beit El Seheemy, House of Seheemy, a beautiful 14th century house.

Mystery staircases, Beit El Seheemy.

Al Hakim Mosque. Breathtaking and completely unjustified by any picture.

From the inside of Al Azhar Mosque.

In the courtyard of the Sultan Hassan Mosque. Colossal and built in the 14th century under the Mamluks rule. The structure in the middle is where someone could have a drink of water or make their ablutions before prayers. The alcove seen is one of four in the courtyard where each of the four Islamic schools of thought were taught, all in the same mosque.

Going on a snorkeling trip on the Red Sea in the city of Hurghada.

The view from Paradise Island in the Red Sea. It isn't called Paradise Island for nothing.

And then two dolphins came out to play!

Watched people kite surf. I'm SO gonna learn this sport one day!

I was so sad to not have an underwater camera with me when I went snorkeling :(
But then I found out that there's an aquarium! So I snapped away. Absolutely beautiful coral reef fish that make you wonder about the underwater world. Also, I saw Dory and all of Nemo's family (but not Nemo, unfortunately. He must have been on one of his crazy escapades...)

That's it for the summary.

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